Niall Summerton announces ‘What Am I Made Of?’ LP

Lo-fi bedroom pop artist Niall Summerton announces debut LP 'What Am I Made Of?', to be released on Far Caspian's Tiny Library Records.
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Lo-fi bedroom pop artist Niall Summerton announced he’s releasing his debut LP on April 14, titled What Am I Made Of?. Joel Johnston (Far Caspian) helped design the album art, and Daniel Townend painted the cover. Johnston’s label Tiny Library Records will release Niall’s debut full-length album.

Joel also produced and mixed the album with Niall. The two have worked together in the past. Niall, of Harrogate, UK, fills in on drums for Far Caspian. And Joel has filled in on synths and other instrumentation on previous Summerton songs.

I put so much of me into this and am so happy to have it coming out. If you like collecting music or like any of my songs please consider grabbing a copy because I’m dead proud of it! 

Niall Summerton (Instagram)

Niall Summerton describes the album as, “a collection of snapshots of periods of my life over the last 2 years. It is a conversation between me and my own thoughts and hopefully one that listeners can have with theirs too. Writing these songs has been a place for me to store the discussions with myself about my mental health that I haven’t wanted to have and a way to accept the way I’m feeling at the time.”

You can listen to four songs of the ten track album, along with two music videos on BandCamp. While you are there, pre-order the album.

I first heard Niall’s music when he released his second single during the Pandemic. The tone in All I Know is I Don’t Know and its production resonated immediately. His songs have a rare straightforward honesty that I find refreshing.

What Am I Made Of? Tracklisting
  1. Human
  2. Human, Dying
  3. Playing Dumb
  4. Dusty
  5. Time
  6. Wish You Could Speak
  7. When You’re Not There
  8. I Found It
  9. Need You
  10. Oh, To Waste My Time!

(Click on the post title to watch a video of Dusty.)

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