Old Sea Brigade – Mirror Moon (YouTube)

Old Sea Brigade released a new single and music video, Mirror Moon, on April 9. This is the fourth single that has been released from his forthcoming album Motivational Speaking, which will be released on May 14 through Nettwerk. Mirror Moon is a beautiful song that wrestles with the question many of us have been asking, “Will anything feel the same?”

Mirror Moon has a smooth sound; guitars are placed in gentle reverbs, vocals are sung with a whispery tone, thickened with layers. Warm synths are used to fill space, and two drum kits sync together surprisingly well. The secondary kit is panned to the right, heavily saturated, compressed with a fast attack and a slow release (this helps push the kit further back). The song creates such a strong meditative vibe we’ve come to expect from this artist.

Stumbled on the words to say
Gracefully they fade away
You call me out and pull me in
I’m never making plans again
I thought I knew my ups and downs
But everything is stranger now
I wonder when we’ll land back safe
Will anything feel the same

Old Sea Brigade – Mirror Moon (YouTube)

Producing Mirror Moon and the music video

Ben Cramer of Old Sea Brigade wrote Mirror Moon, along with producer/engineer Owen Lewis from Ireland, and British songwriter and friend Luke Sital-Singh (Villagers, Fossil Collective). The production is masterful and fantastic, utilizing space really well, especially the percussive sounds.

The music video takes the uncertainty expressed in the song and portrays it in wandering along the California coast in a convertible. Ben’s travels are interrupted by scenes of looking out at the ocean, or receiving a call on a green landline telephone. Visual artist Evan Brace brilliantly directed the music video.

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