R. Missing releases ‘Crimeless’ single, remixes by GusGus and The KVB

R. Missing releases an electro noir pop single, 'Crimeless', and remixes by GusGus and The KVB through Sugarcane Records.
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R. Missing – Crimeless (YouTube)

R. Missing released a noir electro pop single called Crimeless through Sugarcane Records, a label that has brought us David Lynch, Com Truise, and Hot Chip. The single is accompanied by three remixes: two by GusGus and one by The KVB.

All four tracks have their own music videos, so there is a lot to consume with this release. R. Missing is produced by Sharon Shy and Henry Frost (The Ropes), and this single is one that synth pop lovers will put on repeat. Crimeless follows the addictive Placeholder For The Night, released late 2020.

Crimeless opens with a dark pulsating synth, bright analog synth pads, and a kick; a high pass filter sweeps as the song opens up. Sharon’s vocals come in with a vocal plate as the instrumentation opens up. The instrumentation builds with more complex beats and layers of synths. The song is full of dynamics and tones changes that make it really interesting to listen to. New elements are noticed with every repeated listen.

The remixes feel like different songs, bringing their own tones and sounds as they reimagine Crimeless. Iceland’s GusGus shines through with their electronic brilliance. The second GusGus remix is simply a “clean mix” with fewer elements. The KVB remix feels like yet another song, mixing in atmospheric guitars.

R. Missing – Crimeless, GusGus Unclean Mix (YouTube)
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