Secret Attraction released a new extended play titled True Love EP on Valentines. These songs are luscious and ambient chillwave, with bright trailing reverbs that bring back 80s memories, even if you don’t have any. True Love EP was released through Stratford CT, a label that has brought us artists like Eagle Eyed Tiger, Hotel Pools, and Nitewind.

The tones on these songs are welcoming and wrap around you like standing in a cloud. Reminiscent of Part Time meets Alphaville, True Love EP is even more dense.

The lyrics are simple, but fit nicely with the atmosphere. Grey is comprised of three lines, repeated once. Devotion sings of “dancing in the snow,” and True Love is about a desire to regain a lost relationship.

“So now it’s forever
You keep it inside
These emotions they change from yesterday”

Secret Attractions – Grey (Instagram)

Secret Attraction is the solo project by Derek Wise, of Phoenix, Arizona. This three-track dreampop spinner is his sixth EP since releasing his debut in 2018. Mickey Louise Pangburn (Violet Choir) joins him on vocals in True Love. But other than this contribution, everything is Derek, including the mixing.

This is an EP you’ll likely repeat several times, every time you listen. There’s familiarity with these songs, but in a welcomed way. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Derek Wise.

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