Shady Groves – ‘Smoulder’ single and video

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Shady Groves – Smoulder (YouTube)

There are times when it’s difficult to pinpoint a band to a genre or group of genres; Shady Groves is certainly one these bands. Their eclectic sounds cross 60s influences with light funk, dream pop flavors, tastes of folk, and indie pop sounds. This is a band interested in melding sounds together.

Shady Groves have released five singles from their LP, Dreamboat. Their latest single, Smoulder, caught our ears. The song has a dreamy guitar sounds we love with a funk beat. The rhythmic vocal approach plays off the bass line for a fun single. Like You has that 60s throwback sound, with Beach Boys harmonies. Their full-length will be out in April.

The group is a collective by Adam Fitzgerald (Quells) and Dylan Caron (Quiet Wolf). They’re joined by Jeff Yateman, Colt Caron on piano, Sage Denam on drums, and Jamie Dulin on bass.

Fitzgerald also runs Underflow Records, an equally eclectic Detroit record label. Their artists include multimedia-artist Pesky Kid, indie folk A. R. Laidlow, and meditative ethnic folk artist Golden Spine.

Jeff Milo of Hip In Detroit interviewed Shady Groves, and explains that the members of this collective will be doing after the release of Dreamboat:

Fitzgerald is heading to Edinburgh to continue teaching and pursue another dream of becoming a published author. Dylan Caron, meanwhile, is going to launch a solo career under the moniker Quiet Wolf. Yateman, meanwhile, is better known as Hazeman, Jemmi Hazeman, that is, the musical leader of the Honey Riders. While he’s overseas, Fitzgerald is going to continue releasing music with his own solo project, Quells, while the members of Shady Groves keep in creative partnership with their new label Underflow Records.

Jeff Milo
Underflow Records playlist

Shady Groves links:

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