TEEN BLUSH releases Extra Ordinary single and video

by | Jan 22, 2021 | News, Singles, Spotify, Videos, YouTube

TEEN BLUSH – Extra Ordinary (YouTube)

Chicago artist TEEN BLUSH released a new single, Extra Ordinary, and music video. The song was produced by Miguel Plante of Dad Sports, a Canadian band (Ottawa), and the video was directed by Noah Keckler.

Extra Ordinary is a really nice synth bedroom pop single, emphasizing the pop. Unlike BETWEEN MY TEETH, Extra Ordinary is not guitar-driven New Wave; instead, the new TEEN BLUSH single is entirely synth pop with auto-tuned vocals and vocoders. A drum machine is up-close, with percussive synth sounds building the beat; pads and arpeggiated chords are placed behind the beat with reverb. Together, Extra Ordinary is a song you’ll find yourself repeating.

Noah Keckler, a teenage photographer and cinematographer from Chicago, directed and filmed the video (Noah directed the Dad Sports Name + Place video). In the video, Ken Foss of TEEN BLUSH is running through his daily routine, playing off the lyrics of the song.

“It’s just normal routine
One thing after one thing
Go to work then go sleep
Wake up, go eat, repeat”

TEEN BLUSH – Extra Ordinary

TEEN BLUSH is the bedroom pop project of Ken Foss, a talented nineteen year-old from Wicker Park (Chicago). His influences range from Tame Impala to Slow Pulp (source). This is an artist to keep an eye on.

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