TEEN BLUSH – ‘Turning’ (YouTube)

TEEN BLUSH dropped his first single in 2022, called ‘Turning’. The new wave song opens with a sawtooth bass note played a synth, and a ‘flute’, before a driving drum loop kicks in. Ken Foss, the artist behind TEEN BLUSH, comes in with a nice slapjack on his vocals, throwing back to early 1980s New Wave artists.

The bass line is played on a simple but effective pattern, contrasted with string-like synth layers in an upper frequencies. The sound scape is full, striking the balance of allowing space while giving your ears plenty to focus on. This is a great song that you’ll listen to on repeat. Toss this song in your playlist; you’ll be glad you did.

The new single was released via Everything Forever, a Canadian record label from British Columbia that describes themselves as an “optimistic record label.” A music video was also released, directed by Tobiah Markovitz. The video imitates a VHS tape in fast forward, with Ken Foss dancing and engaging with the camera.

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