Tide Rider has been developing his bedroom surf pop sound. The band is the solo project of DeBoe Truss. He plays every instruement in this project, from live drums, bass, guitar, synths, to vocals. He records and mixes his songs in his home in British Columbia, bouncing everything to tape to give it a noticeable saturation (read our interview with DeBoe about his recording process).

Today, he released his fourth single, Golden Eyes. In this single drums are out front, an analog synth is drenched in reverb and situated behind the mix, and several layers of clean electric give it the surf pop feel that shapes the Tide Rider sound. DeBoe’s vocals are doubled with a falsetto harmony that lifts the vocal blend.

His songs tend to be about relationships in his life, primarily his wife and two small children. But he writes them in a way that they’re easily relatable. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll talk to.

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