Vern Matz releases ‘Tokyo Sounds’ single

by | Nov 12, 2021 | News, Singles

Vern Matz is releasing an album of demos, beginning with today’s release of Tokyo Sounds’. These songs are stripped down tracks, of Daniel Belgrad, his guitar, and a simple recording setup. They’re raw and everything we love about the honesty of lofi iPhone demos.

This follows on the heels of the more polished studio full-length, ‘Perennial’, that they released through Nice Guys in July, and their ‘8 bit’ EP that came out in September.

He will be releasing ‘Dash Dancer’ on November 22, ‘After Hours’ on November 30, and ‘Getting Older’ on December 9. The full album, ‘strange songs from a lifetime of unfinished iPhone demos’ comes out five days before Christmas, on December 20. He promises, “another more ‘serious’ one at the start of 2022.”

the sounds of the city
boy they’re so pretty
they honk and go round, round, round
you should hear Tokyo

i’ve seen every doctor
i’m locked in a locker
sitting here with a Gameboy Color
playing Pokemon Red

i need consolation
for my reservations about you

you’re a snake on an apple
waiting to grapple
waiting to bite my hands
in my dreams

i’ve walked through the curtain
broken the burden
caught myself thinking about you
every night for the last week

i’ve seen every person
do all the worst things
do all the worst things
you could do

Vern Matz – ‘Tokyo Sounds’ (Instagram)

Vern Matz discography

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Vern Matz – ‘Tokyo Sounds’ single (2021)
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Vern Matz links:

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Valley Palace releases ‘Patch’ single

Valley Palace releases ‘Patch’ single

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