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New Music: Vilde, Rehearse Living, R. Missing, Apocolypse L8er

Puddlegum receives a lot of new music from bands, and we strive to get behind artists at the beginning when possible. From there, we love supporting bands as they release music. Three of these artists will likely be new to you as they are to us (Rehearsed Living, R. Missing, and apocolypse l8er), while you might be familiar with Vilde.

If you enjoy their music, please consider following them on the various platforms, buy their music, or share them with your friends (in-person or via socials). It means the world to them.

Vilde – Hazel

Vilde released his second single, Hazel, from his forthcoming album, followed previously by Phantom Mantra. This is a really nice electronic song that is sparse at times, allowing for space. The command Vilde has on his voice elevates his sound, melding his voice with the instruments.

Rehearse Living – Some Knots Are Too Hard To Untie

Rehearse Living is a band from Sheffield, United Kingdom, recording music that crosses dream pop and shoegaze. Their new single, Some Knots Are Too Hard To Untie, has a really nice sound with influences from the early `90s, and `10s indie rock.

R. Missing – Placeholder for the Night

R. Missing is a darkwave artist from New York City, who released a three-track EP on December 11, titled Placeholder for the Night. We particularly enjoy the title-track; the song is reminiscent of I Break Horses, with its electronic drive, full synth tones, dark lyrics, and female fronted vocals.

apocalypse l8er – dot.biz

apocolypse l8er released an electronic dream pop song titled dot.biz. This duo (Marshall Quist and Curran Birdwell) created a single that capitalizes on subtle soundscapes. They have a nine-track LP coming out soon called Street Magic, and we’re looking forward to hearing more!

apocolypse l8er – dot.biz (YouTube)

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