Violet Choir – Don’t Come Around (YouTube)

Violet Choir released their self-titled debut EP today. Synthwave to the core, this Phoenix, Arizona duo has written five punchy pop songs. Multi-instrumentalists, Mickey Louise Pangburn is the voice and Jesse Pangburn joins on drums. The two have really developed a stunning sound that mixes electronica, layers of synth, electric guitar, drum machines, and more synthesizers. This EP is released through Fervor Records.

The band utilizes edgy synth sounds mixed with bright pads; the bass has a sawtooth shape, giving way to changing effects as songs build. Dreamy guitars combined with fuzzed out guitar tones add to the electrified darkwave sounds. The drumming is hard hitting, both in delivery and in the way the sounds are compressed and equalized.

Mickey Louis writes that these songs were, “Written during of a couple of the darkest years of our lives, each one is deeply personal.” You can here this tension in the music. Conveying the meanings of the songs is important to the band, as are the lyrics. They have begun explaining the songs on Instagram, and are providing lyric videos.

In the band’s explanation to the album art, which was designed by Nicole Petculescu, you get a sense of what this duo is about: “This is our debut EP album art for Violet Choir. The typeface is a Godard classic – and an ode to the spirit of Nouvelle Vague cinema… (the idea is to pick up the camera…mic… whatever tools you need, and just start creating what you like). ‘Truth, 24 times per second’…. Not waiting for permission or directions. In the end, the results might be shaky … but we like that.” (source).

Jesse Pangburn and Mickey Louise Panburn of Violet Choir (Instagram)

Mickey Louise also plays guitar for Secret Attraction when they perform live. She also backed Secret Attraction on vocals his EP’s opening track, True Love.