Yot Club releases ‘Alive’ single

by | Oct 22, 2021 | News, Singles, SoundCloud, YouTube

Yot Club released the first single from his forthcoming EP, ‘Santolina‘. The new single, Alive‘, is a highly anticipated track, following the viral explosion of his ‘YKWIM?‘ single. Nice Guys will rlease the EP, which Ryan Kaiser of Yot Club talked with Puddlegum about in December of 2020.

Also, Ryan released a music video for ‘Alive’, directed by Troy Lustick, who has directed films such as Primary Colors. His “longtime friend Michael Potts joins him in the the music video.

Yot Club – ‘Alive‘ (YouTube)

The song begins with clean guitar and a simple drum loop. Additional layers of guitar come in with the bass. His vocals are running through a generous high pass filter, and reverb is applied to the moving layers.

Ryan wrote and recorded the EP at home. According to Nice Guys, he, “has a vault of tracks that he eagerly awaits to show the world.” His single ‘YKWIM?’ crossed 100 million streams this month, backed by the ‘YKWIM?’ EP, which brought multiple remixes of the song. He has five additional songs north of a million streams, with close to five million monthly listeners. Quite incredible for someone who quietly releases most of his music.

‘Alive’ is the first new material on Spotify since Ryan released ‘Nature Machine’ EP in July, 2020. He has released additional singles and demos on BandCamp and SoundCloud.

Yot Club discography:

‘Santolina’ EP (2022)
Alive‘ single (2021)
YKWIM?‘ EP (2021)
Save Your Progress‘ single (2021)
Day Shift‘ single (2021)
Normal / Ideal‘ single (2021)
Rental Car‘ single (2021)
Bleach Beach‘ EP (2021)
How Can I Complain‘ single (2021)
Nature Machine‘ EP (2020)
Ceremony‘ single (2020)
Go Away‘ single (2020)
Fully Torqued‘ single (2020)
Spiral Stairs‘ single (2020)
Demo 3000‘ single (2020)
It’s Been A Long Night‘ single (2019)
The Bay‘ single (2019)
Canton‘ single (2019)
Louisiana‘ single (2019)
Comfort Zone‘ single (2019)
Runnin Out Of Love‘ single (2019)
The Feeling‘ single (2019)
Waterfall‘ single (2019)
UR Not Like This‘ single (feat. Vida) (2019)
Won’t Take Too Long‘ single (2019)
Fly Out West‘ single (2019)
Bipolar‘ EP (2019)
Japan‘ single (2019)
Aquarium‘ EP (2019)
Apartment‘ single (2019)
No Please, Not Today‘ single (2019)
Heat Wave‘ single (2019)
Margs‘ single (2019)
No Way !‘ Single (2019)

Yot Club links:

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