Puddlegum Podcast: Episode 1 (Cathedral Bells Interview)

In Puddlegum Podcast: Episode 1, Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) interviewed Matthew Messore of Cathedral Bells, discussing their new album, 'Ether'.
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Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) interviewed Matthew Messore of Cathedral Bells, discussing their new album, Ether. They also talked about the formation of the band, how Matt approaches songwriting, and the recording process of the new album.

In this episode: Kevin Flick and Matthew Messore
Time: 00:23:27 (excluding ads)
Podcast episode recording date: February 1, 2021
Podcast episode release date: February 6, 2021
Music in podcast: Saeyers (used by permission)

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In this Interview…

Matthew Messore shares that he started demoing songs for Ether immediately after releasing Invisible. “It was done in sessions through 2020. It was pretty much a song at a time, for the most part. I didn’t have all of [the songs].” He added, “We kind of did a mini-album, if you may… the collage of songs came together.”

Kyle Hoffer, who recently engineered Camp Trash, contributed as an instrumentalist, and mixed the album. “He did Undertow as well. We wanted to keep the album cohesive.” Aaron Gollubier added instrumentation as well.

Matt shares that he usually starts a new song with drums, but “it’s never the same.” He explains, “I think my main focus is on structuring on drums. Then that way you can really go back and demo things.” He adds, “When I write, I’m very vulnerable. I have some kind of message, or some kinds of reason why I want to make a song. It’s more for myself.”

His favorite synths are Roland synths. “I definitely trust Roland. I have a JD-Xi… which is a jack of all trades. Roland in general is a safe bet.”

Cathedral Bells in the studio (Instagram)

Ether by Cathedral Bells was released on January 29, 2021. Listen to it and support the band on BandCamp:

Here are two songs Matt Messore can’t stop spinning:

Cathedral Bells on Puddlegum

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