Puddlegum Podcast: Riarosa (Episode Five)

Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) talks with Riarosa's Maria Gough and J.T. O'Neal about their goal of writing 100 new songs. We discussed their writing and recording process, and how the band formed.
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Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) talks with Riarosa‘s Maria Gough and J.T. O’Neal about their goal of writing 100 new songs. We discussed their writing and recording process, and how the band formed. It’s a fun conversation, and we hope you’ll join us!

In this episode: Kevin Flick, Maria Gough, and J.T. O’Neal
Time: 00:46:22
Podcast episode recording date: February 18, 2021
Podcast episode release date: March 13, 2021
Music in podcast opening/closing: Saeyers (used by permission)

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Almost a year ago, the band decided to write a hundred songs in preparation for their next release. Instead of going with songs they had already recorded, they challenged themselves to explore what they could write during the Pandemic. J.T. O’Neal has a studio, and the band has everything set up and mic’d. All of their rehearsals have been recorded.

Maria Gough is the main songwriter of the band, though everyone contributes. Between rehearsals, she records ideas on her phone as either voice memos or in GarageBand. To quickly record a scratch idea on her guitar, she slips the mic from her earbuds into her acoustic. From there, she can share the ideas with the band.

Riarosa have released six amazing dream pop singles and two music videos. Here are their latest!

Maria Gough and J.T. O’Neal of Riarosa
Riarosa – Don’t Look Back (YouTube)
Riarosa – Gravity (YouTube)

Here are two songs that have Riarosa hooked:

Crumb – Trophy (YouTube)
Kelly Lee Owens – On (YouTube)

Riarosa on Puddlegum

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