Puddlegum Podcast: Stray Fossa (Episode Three)

Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) talks with Zach Blount and Will Evans of Stray Fossa about their new single 'How Come? and their forthcoming debut LP, 'With You For Ever'.
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Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) talks with Zach Blount and Will Evans of Stray Fossa about their new single How Come? and their forthcoming debut LP, With You For Ever. They dive into their recording and mixing process, dissecting their sounds. They also discuss how the band started, and musical influences.

In this episode: Kevin Flick, Zach Blount, and Will Evans
Time: 00:34:45 (excluding ads)
Podcast episode recording date: February 6, 2021
Podcast episode release date: February 14, 2021
Music in podcast: Saeyers (used by permission)

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In this Interview…

With You For Ever is coming out April 9, Stray Fossa’s debut full-length. They’re releasing the album independently, which they recorded in their attic studio in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Zach Blount talked about have a studio in the same space where they lived. “Because we could create all the time, [we put] limits on things and set deadlines can be helpful so we don’t get carried away with things.”

Will Evans “[‘How Come?’] was originally a demo that Nick has built in his room, and then he took it to the band. And like a lot of songs we work on will start as demos… kind of bedroom projects, and then we’ll hash them out live. A lot of the fine tuning of structure and arrangement comes from those sessions.”

Stray Fossa (Will Evans, Zach Blount, Nick Evans)

How Come? by Stray Fossa was released on January 19, 2021 (via Nice Guys). Listen to it and support the band on BandCamp:

Stray Fossa – How Come? (YouTube)

Here are three songs Stray Fossa can’t stop listening to:

Will Evans’ pick: Tommy James & The Shondells – Crimson & Clover (YouTube)
Zach Blount’s pick: Sylvan Esso – Die Young (YouTube)
Nick Evans’ pick: The Magnetic Fields – The Dreaming Moon (YouTube)

Stray Fossa on Puddlegum

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