Clean Hands: new project of Nick de Ryss (Day Wave)

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Quick News, Singles, SoundCloud, Videos, YouTube

Clean Hands is a new project from Nick de Ryss that you’ll soon find yourself hooked on. Nick is the drummer for Day Wave and Pete Yorn, and he released their second single, The Sun, which follows his debut single. The project is mixed and mastered by Day Wave.

Clean Hands – The Sun (SoundCloud)

The video for Clean Hands is a brilliant introduction to the project, where Nick uses paint to create a green screen, revealing a video as he paints. These songs are so great. They’re a dense mix of synths, percussion, guitars, and multi-layered vocals. Please listen.

Clean Hands – Clean Hands (YouTube)

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Italian producer Matilde Davoli to release second album, ‘Home’

Italian producer Matilde Davoli to release second album, ‘Home’

Matilde Davoli is an Italian artist who is creating high-production dream pop, and has an album coming out on November 5, called ‘Home’. She recently released her first single, ‘Il Coraggio di Provare’, the sole track sung in Italian (the song title means, “The Courage To Try”).