Jon Morrow releases sophomore single ‘I’m No One’

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Quick News, Singles, YouTube

Jon Morrow – ‘I’m No One’ (YouTube)

Jon Morrow is a songwriter from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, writing dreamy and personal songs, and he just released his second single called ‘I’m No One’ that you should hear.

He uses a drum machine, which sounds like a beat from an old Casio (that’s a positive), a looping electric guitar running through a tremolo or vibey chorus pedal, and layers of vocals and harmonies with a high pass filter applied. He plays classical guitar, layered left and right so it sounds like it’s bouncing from ear to ear. It’s a really nice lo-fi mix. (Found this gem on David Dean Burkhart‘s YouTube channel.)

He shared about the song on Instagram, and you might relate:

I’ve had some struggles since I graduated high school. I sometimes just feel that I’m lost. My plan was to go to university but I can’t even get past community college. I’d prefer not to be in debt for the rest of my life for a diploma because I’m not rich or poor enough. My interests have changed and I feel like I just don’t belong sometimes. Saying all this tho, I know what I want in my life. It’s the grind to get there tho. College might never be my thing, but I’m gonna try. Heck, I might never make it as a songwriter but damn it I’m gonna try. I think too many people become unhappy when they aren’t actually following their dream and their gut. Well I’m following my gut, and my gut says to make music. I know I’m not actually no one, I’m Jon mothaf***in Morrow. 2022 is gonna be my year.


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Views From Space release second single ‘Other Side’

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