Midi Memory debuts with ‘Sensory Overload’ LP

by | Dec 4, 2021 | BandCamp, LPs and EPs, Quick News

Midi Memory released their debut full-length Sensory Overload. Matt Messore of Cathedral Bells started this side-project early 2021. Collaborations involve the amazing talents of CD Ghost, COOL HEAT, and Doorbells. The album was released via Spirit Goth (it will an installment of the Cassette Club).

I worked with Matt Messore on this album for several months through Puddlegum.Studio, and I was always impressed with Matt’s creativity and his ear for what the songs needed. He wrote, produced, and performed the tracks, and I mixed and mastered them (involving him in every mix iteration). It was an honor and great pleasure to be part of this.

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