New Music Friday: French Cassettes, Inning, JW Francis, Henry Nowhere, Orchid Mantis, bdrmm, Hovvdy

by | Oct 1, 2021 | LPs and EPs, Quick News, Singles

October has opened with a string of singles and LPs. Here’s a quick rundown…

French Cassettes released an addictive indie single called Good For It.

Henry Nowhere put out his third sings, Wonder Why, from his forthcoming EP (which will be his third EP of 2021).

INNING released Benevolence is Rare, their fourth single in 2021.

JW Francis dropped Wanderkid LP, an album you’re going to love (read our review).

Orchid Mantis gifted us with his sixth LP, Visitations (read more).

bdrmm pressed a special edition 7″ with a single called Port.

Hovvdy released True Love, their fifth LP.

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