Adrian Prath – ‘Vancouver Dreaming’ (single)

Berlin artist Adrian Prath released Vancouver Dreaming, a soothing and smooth dream pop single.
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Berlin artist Adrian Prath released Vancouver Dreaming, a soothing and smooth dream pop single. This is the first single for his forthcoming EP. Adrian had released a video for the song in November, 2020, but didn’t make it available to streaming services until this week.

You get a sense of Adrian’s philosophy from what he states on his website:
“When I record a song, I don’t pay attention to how sophisticated the accompaniment or the rhythm is, I mainly make sure that the whole package comes across as authentic and natural as possible. If this succeeds, listening to music is a pleasure and not perceived as exhausting.”

Vancouver Dreaming exemplifies this mindset of authenticity over sophistication. He builds on his work on Wishes, a song with deep longing in its tones (and is another authentic song he’s recorded).

Looking closely at Vancouver Dreaming

The electric guitar tones are clean with warm reverb. And at times you hear a spring reverb on distant jangly guitar strikes, and delay pedals on notes that create a transition or a drifting atmospheric effect. There is a light synth near the end of the song with a sharp tone that creates tension with its bending notes. Drums are lightly played, mic’d with a minimalist setup. Vocal “oohs” are layered and drenched in reverb to perfection. His vocals are tightly layered with reverb, sung in a sleepy delivery. Tape warmth and saturation adds harmonic tones to the overall vibe.

Adrian Prath – Vancouver Dreaming (YouTube)

I’m not at home
until the phone rings and someone says
“get your clothes on”
is it time to leave?
I’m half asleep

Adrian Prath – Vancouver Dreaming (BandCamp)

Adrian who enjoys traveling to Canada took the cover photo, stating that he, “shot this on the way from Washington to British Columbia.”

I could take a full album of songs like Vancouver Dreaming, and cannot wait to hear his next EP. If Vancouver Dreaming is any indication, the EP is one to anticipate.

Adrian Prath – Wishes (YouTube)

Note: I realize this is a review for Vancouver Dreaming, but I enjoy Wishes so much as well. So, please enjoy both!

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