ANIMA: what I saw was real

ANIMA brings us dreamy indietronica from Rome in their new single 'what I saw was real'; edgy synth tones, dreamy guitars, funk bass and electronic drums.
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ANIMA is a dreamy indietronica trio from Rome, Italy that blend intriguing and edgy synth tones with dreamy guitars. Their latest single what i saw was real is reminiscent of Radiohead‘s Ok Computer at times, particularly the synth and guitar tones during the chorus. This single carries us beyond their influences and weaves the instrumentation together in a masterful way.

The funk bass by Antonio Ursone is tremendous, particularly in the verses. Luca Rinaldi‘s vocals are mixed into the center of the song near Flavio Galanti‘s guitars, cutting through while resting behind the bass and kick. The electronic drums create a nice dynamic with what’s happening in the other instruments and vocals.

ANIMA is Antonio Ursone (bass), Luca Rinaldi (vocals), and Flavio Galanti (guitar) and Luca Rinaldi.
ANIMA is Antonio Ursone (bass), Luca Rinaldi (vocals), and Flavio Galanti (guitar) and Luca Rinaldi.

I could have held you so close to me that you couldn’t breathe
But you chose the wind
I didn’t want it to break so I got on my knees
Didn’t keep you here
I would’ve dug a hole deep in my every belief
To keep you close to me
I wouldn’t have thought you were all that you seemed
I was right it seems

ANIMA – what I saw was real (Bandcamp)

ANIMA is Antonio Ursone (bass), Flavio Galanti (guitar) and Luca Rinaldi (vocals). They originally formed in 2015, and then parted ways for eight years to pursue other projects when Antonio moved to London to study music at the academic level. He has since returned home to Rome, and the growth they had each experienced is evident in their new single. We’re hoping for more from ANIMA!

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