Cathedral Bells: All Under the Sky

Dream pop band Cathedral Bells has a new single out called All Under The Sky. It's a banger that carries their sound further.
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Cathedral Bells have a new single out called All Under The Sky. It’s a banger that carries their sound further. This is an Orlando band who has drawn from the 80s influences while putting their own fingerprint on shoegaze. This band doesn’t miss.

Chorus laden guitars with intricately weaved layers are backed by a driving beat. Matt Messore’s vocals blend nicely with harmonies during the verses, with a doubled vocal during the chorus and bridge. The song is really well constructed with dynamics that lend to the energy.

May 19 is the day when their LP Everything at Once comes out. via Born Losers Records (CD Ghost, Jaguar Sun, Stray Fossa). Preorders for the vinyl are being taken on Bandcamp. Their latest single is the opening track of the LP and the fourth single, with Afterglow, Clinging To the Ground, and Fall Into Place preceding All Under the Sky. Based on these four singles, Everything at Once is going to be incredible!

i am cyborg by that’s okay created a music video for All Under the Sky. They tweaked home movies that look as though they were shot on Super 8 cameras. The video fits the song perfectly. You can find other videos they have created for Cathedral Bells.

Cathedral Bells – All Under the Sky (video by i am cyborg but that’s okay)

This LP will be their third full-length since they released their debut EP in 2019. With singles such as I Don’t Care Anymore and a number of music videos, this is one of the hardest working acts in their genres.

Cathedral Bells is now a four-piece band. Each member is busy with side projects, Messore with Midi Memory, which is also signed to Born Losers. They have been actively touring and gaining more exposure.

Cathedral Bells

Note: You can hear All Under the Sky on the Puddlegum Mixtape 004.

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