Coolhand Jax released You and Everybody, a summery lo-fo psych pop single. This high energy guitar driven track is the second single from Jake Weissman’s forthcoming sophomore release (out on Spirit Goth).

You and Everybody is a jam with a driving beat; the snare bottom mic is the emphasis, while the kit has a simplistic mic setup. The bass groove shapes the song, shaped around the pick and action, rather than the low-end.

Layers of electric guitar melodies ring out with the amp’s spring reverb giving the song its overall tone. A light organ is set in the background to fill the space. Jake’s vocals are heavily saturated and layered with multiple takes.

I wanted peace with you
And all your dreams come true
Where was that place you loved
I can’t recall

Coolhand Jax – You and Everybody

While the song is lo-fi in production, there is plenty of attention to detail. A guitar melody placed in the center that has loads of spring reverb has a more detailed take panned hard right, down in the mix, and sometimes played in an upper harmony. Jake does this with vocals as well.

This is a great song that you’ll find yourself listening to quite a few times and adding it to your playlists.