Debris Discs released a new electropop single, Save My Life, which has an intriguing chilllwave sound. The song is both energetic yet soothing at the same time. Debris Disc is a solo project by James Eary. Based in the hills of Derbyshire, England, Eary was previously in Manchester bands Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain.

There is plenty of ear candy in this song that makes the song easy to listen to. Save My Life is driven by a a drum machine and a bass line that propels the song forward. Layers of analogue synths are both bubbly and infectious, similar to Postal Service. Effects on his guitar work make them sound more like additional synths, but they are there. Eary’s soft vocals are layered, smoothed with reverb; well placed harmonies lift the song at precise moments.

Describing what the song is about, Debris Discs share this:

“All that’s really required to dig a tunnel through the despair is the knowledge that somebody actually cares about you. Someone that sees through those painted smiles and nonchalant shrugs and knows when you’re not ok. It’s not about heroics and grand gestures. This life is saved by love.”


James Eary wrote, recorded, and mixed the song, Philip Marsden mastered the song, and Gavin Stretch designed the clever cover art. Save My Life is Debris Discs’ fifth single of 2020.