Review: Eyeclimber – Petrichor

Eyeclimber released a dream pop EP called Petrichor. This five track EP is the project of Berlin's Dominik Feike.
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Eyeclimber released their first EP in four years, called Petrichor. This five track EP is the dream pop project of Berlin’s Dominik Feike. He named the EP after the earthy smell of rain as it mixes with the soil after a dry spell, a great expression for what many of us are experiencing in 2021. Three of the five tracks had been previously released over the past ten months, though this project will be new to most listeners.

Tides opens Petrichor with layers of soft synth melodies, a driving drum beat, and a picked bass groove. His somewhat washed out vocals come in after several measures. Doomed is a song that has had us hooked. You can read our review of Doomed. A drum loop and an analog synth tone opens

Eyeclimber – Acid Wash (YouTube)

Acid Wash. The song is about the flaws he sees in himself, singing, “I am not strong enough for you. Can’t even commit to myself. I hate it. I am a liar and a fool. Never wanna face my demons, and shake them. I was hanging on to a dream.” Acid Wash has a more complex song structure than his previous songs.

All Inside You is more stripped down, with Dominik’s vocals and clean electric guitar being more prominent. Unison has a surf-pop guitar that opens the tune, with a fast and busy drum loop defining the song. This is the first song he released in October, 2021.

Eyeclimber – All Inside You (YouTube)

Dominik is studying music technology at University of West London, and I suspect we’ll hear a lot more music from his as a songwriter, producer, and audio engineer.

Eyeclimber – Petrichor track listing

  1. Tides
  2. Doomed
  3. Acid Wash
  4. All Inside You
  5. Unison

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