Kelz (feat. Alex Siegel): Sometimes

Kelz released a new single 'Sometimes' that features a collaboration with Alex Siegel, an experience that "push[es] sonic boundaries."
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Kelz collaborated with Alex Siegel on a new bedroom pop single, Sometimes. This collab is one that works extremely well. The single is a dreamy mix of acoustic guitar, drum loops, synth tones, and filtered vocals. Alex and Kelz vocal tones work well so well together.

The two produced the single together, Alex mixed the track, and Amy Dragon was the mastering engineer. Bayonet Records released the single.

Both of these artists are highly driven; Kelz shared with Puddlegum she’s, “always been working!” Alex has as well, having just finished a tour. She wrote on Instagram:

What originally started as a jam session became a new friendship + collaboration. Alex has inspired and motivated me to push sonic boundaries together and I will forever cherish these moments! New Kelz era has begun.

Kelz (Instagram)

Alex shared about his experience, “you bring such a pure joyful spirit to your music and it was so much fun writing n producing this song together!! effortless.”

The song opens with a delicate picking of an acoustic, doubled, brightened, and slightly panned apart. Through the song, the tone of the acoustic changes to sit better in the mix, and at some points you hear the nylon strings of a classic guitar. The tones are intentional as other instrumentation comes in and out.

Kelz (Instagram)

Alex applied a high pass filter on the background vocals have and added nice compression. Kelz sometimes whispers her vocals, and always performs them gently. His vocals have an automated EQ that shifts as they float back and forth in the background.

Bass is a nice saturated analog synth tone. There’s a nice distant Rhodes piano playing in the background during the verse. Patterned synth loops come in and out during the song, interacting nicely with the vocals.

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