Angelo De Augustine: Blue (YouTube)

Angelo De Augustine continues to build on his impressive catalogue of work with the release of Blue. This is the second single he has released in 2020 through Asthmatic Kitty, resting perfectly with his single Santa Barbara, which was released in April. Sufjan Stevens contributed vocals, electric guitar, piano, synthesizer and engineering, and Thomas Bartlett (Doveman) produced Blue.

Blue and Santa Barbara blend so easily together, pulling on sounds that made Sufjan’s Carrie and Lowell so haunting. The two songs remain in the same mental and spiritual space as his 2019 album Tomb, while being lifted by his continued growth as a songwriter. Blue reflects on a father who, “left mother on her own to raise a child.”

Friend of mine
just between us I’ve been moving towards the light
now you’ve gone from my eyes
all my life I’ve been so low
I don’t know why
So Blue

Angelo De Augustine: Blue (Bandcamp)

Angelo’s songwriting and continued ability to create innocent, soothing, and emotive songs with his rounded nylon guitar, his layered high falsetto backed by Sufjan’s voice and contributions, and gripping melodies all reveal his musical genius. While that might be a strong statement, it is clear that Angelo is etching his own space with each song he writes.

Angelo produced, directed, and filmed the music video for Blue. The imagery portrays the song’s canvas so beautifully. Childlike images of Angelo meandering on his bicycle, kicking a soccer ball by himself in the backyard, a breeze stirring the palm trees, and drifting clouds all reflect someone deep in thought while striving to remain active.

Between my eyes
is an ocean
you can feel it if you try
not unlike a howling wind
like a tempest in the open hearts of men
So True