Ruby Haunt releases Reverse Creek (Single and Video)

Ruby Haunt releases the single/video Reverse Creek, the first single for their forthcoming Snow Angel / Reverse Creek EP.
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Ruby Haunt – Reverse Creek (YouTube)

Ruby Haunt has released a new single, titled Reverse Creek, the first from their forthcoming Snow Angel / Reverse Creek EP. Accompanying the single is a video of traversing landscape scenes that appear to have been shot on a train traveling across the Southwest (filmed and edited by Margo Moritz & Tom Kubik). Ruby Haunt has released several similar videos captured while driving across the US. The song was mastered by Carl Saff, the engineer who mastered the recent French Cassettes album.

Reverse Creek opens with soft strumming on classical guitars, doubled and hard panned. Vocals come in, tripled and mixed with a bright reverb. Simultaneously, an analog synth playing off the melody, in a repeated pattern, also placed in a smaller reverb space. The synth creates a droning feel that matches the cinematography in the music video.

Drums kick in with bass, placed close to the listener, with the guitars and vocals somewhat behind the percussion. Other synths come in as the song builds, with varying depths, creating a full dimension.

Maybe I won’t grow up
Maybe I’ll stick around here forever
Maybe you’ll just show up
And put the past around the back, leave it forever

Ruby Haunt – Reverse Creek (YouTube)

Reverse Creek has a similar sound as The Middle of Nowhere, where Ruby Haunt recorded in separate locations, while 2020’s Tiebreaker had a live band feel.

Based in Los Angelas, Ruby Haunt is the project of Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour. They will release their EP on January 28th, 2021, their fifth EP since they began in 2015. Victor Pakpour is a cinematographer, starting his career filming surf videos; you can find his videos and short films on Vimeo.

We’re looking forward to hearing the Snow Angel / Reverse Creek EP! This is a band we listen to on repeat.

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