Saintseneca releases reflective single, ‘All You’ve Got Is Everyone’

Saintseneca releases single 'All You've Got Is Everyone', their first in fourteen months, reflective on missing his friends at the end of 2020.
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Indie folk artists Saintseneca dropped their first single in fourteen months, a very welcomed surprise. All You’ve Got Is Everyone has a delicate emotion that comes through the vocals, consistent with past Saintseneca songs we’ve sung along with in the past. This song contemplates on missing friends, set in the final hours of 2020. (There is a reference to The Velvet Underground & Nico if you listen closely.)

Vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zac Little reflects: “I wanted to write a Christmas song, but it didn’t feel right this time. So I thought about old new years and made a Valentine. I miss everyone, and I figure a song is kind of like a little tent. A place in space and time – you can pack it up and take it with you, get it out when you need it, and I like to imagine being together inside” (source).

Zac Little of Saintseneca (ANTI-)

Listening closely to All You’ve Got Is Everyone

All You’ve Got Is Everyone begins with a mix of slightly fuzzed guitars and twelve string acoustic, playing a melody that matches like a fingerprint to their sound.

The chorus strips the sound further, acoustic and vocals, with spring reverb on the vocals coming in halfway through the verse. The band comes in with up-close percussion, full instrumentation, and backing harmonies that are spaced behind the instruments. 

Barefoot in the backyard
Screaming in song
Here’s to hoping that Auld Lang Syne
Will keep old anxieties gone
Fly all the way up to heaven
Kiss the face of God
At the midnight count down down here
All you’ve got is everyone

Saintseneca – All You’ve Got Is Everyone

The drums remain in the left ear during the second verse, compressed with a low-pass filter, lifting during the chorus to create a nice dynamic. A distant synth pad fills in the spaces in the second half of the song, adding to the intensity.

All You’ve Got Is Everyone is released through ANTI-, a label they’ve worked with since 2014. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Saintseneca has released four LPs and three EPs thus far. We’re thrilled with the possibility of hearing more from this inspiring band.

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