Secret Attraction – A Love That Never Fades (SoundCloud)

Secret Attraction self-released a new dreampop EP, A Love That Never Fades. The title track perfectly captures vibes from the 80s with the trailing pad, thick verb on the vocals, the clean electric guitar, and the driving drum loops.

The bass guitar picking continues in the second song, Dancing Alone, grooving to a similar beat. Dancing Alone is a song of longing, hopeful with a tinge of sadness. It’s a short song that clocks in under two minutes. One verse comes in during the first half, painting the canvas and allowing the instruments to carry you through to the end. I’m In Love is a burst of a song, 90 seconds that develops quickly, and ends just as it come in.

Derek Wise tracked everything on these songs, and is working on a full-length. He shared with Puddlegum, “This is the quick follow up to [True Love] EP, which I’ll later wrap up with LP2 later this year.” LP2 will be released through Stratford CT. Can’t wait to hear more!