Written by Daniel Belgrad (Vern Matz)

There’s a lot to love on TOLEDO’s newest single, a high fidelity extension of their bedroom pop instincts, a beautiful slice of Americana, alongside a friendly hang-out mentality. TOLEDO has always been warm, inviting and gratifying, possessing a rare ability to tap into the psyche of our worn out generation and express their defeats musically, even joyfully.

Dan and Jordan are stunning guitarists and precise vocalists, their heartfelt, half-whisper melodies particularly gripping on Dog Has Its Day. TOLEDO’s mixes often feel wide and symmetrical, but they bend that balance, creating waves of sonic tension and release, often mirroring their harmonic gestures. Whistling solos and washed out electrics slide through the portrait, highlighting the simple elegance of the picture. Dog reemphasizes Toledo’s greatest ability: they are refined and subtlety profound songwriters with a rare ear for sonic ingenuity.

In 2018, the first time I heard Toledo’s music, I said “that’s what music should sound like in 2021.” I was wrong, but only because these two have continued to push the envelop; I’d be remiss to understate how rarified a group like Toledo is. Burn through their catalog and you’ll find consistent greatness, but first take a look at Dog Has It’s Day. Wistful guitars, smooth as a rock low end, fluttering touches and touching vocals, these guys never miss.

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