Vern Matz – Funny Water (YouTube)

Vern Matz released Funny Water, the second single from their forthcoming album (to be released through Nice Guys). Michael Lituchy and Korean American artist Daniel Belgrad of Vern Matz wrote Funny Water, producing it with the TOLEDO duo.

Funny Water has less of a folk sound, and more of a loose indie rock feel. The song is pure lo-fi grit, driving yet relaxed. They weren’t as focused on perfecting the takes, but rather capturing the vibe.

In the evening
There is snow outside
What a simple cry the sky makes when it’s lonely

It’s just I’m not moving like I used to
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up
I’m down


The music video Vern Matz release for Funny Water. The video captures the friendship between the band and TOLEDO, Daniel’s travels, and clips from their recording sessions.

Funny Water and Fish Tank follow on the heals of their debut full-length, Minnesota Dancing, which they released late 2020. Minnesota Dancing pulled together a number of songs they had written since they formed, while this new album is fresh material. The new material is more exploratory, with bendy tones, and loose jams. The lyric themes revolve around moving beyond a broken relationship, depression and discouragement… topics that fit well with the sounds they’re creating. At this pace, this is going to be a great album.

Listening closely to the mix

They double an acoustic and pan it hard left and right. The acoustic provides body to the song, with a driving drum beat locking in with the guitars. A dreamy lead melody is played with a trailing reverb, set behind the rhythmic acoustic. The lead guitar melodies really lift the song. It sounds as though they tracked the drums after laying down the main guitar tracks; this adds to the loose feel of the song. Daniel’s vocals are doubled and saturated, with a slight slap delay, and the low-end carved out.

Note: Daniel Belgrad is a writer for Puddlegum. He was not involved with the writing of this review.