Review: Vilde – ‘Holograms’ (single)

Vilde releases his third single, 'Holograms', from his forthcoming EP, 'Talking To Strangers'. 'Holograms' is about his changing "autobiographical narrative."
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Vilde – Holograms (YouTube)

Vilde is well on his way to releasing his next EP, titled Talking to Strangers. Shifting between his life in Sweden and the UK, Thomas Vilde wrote his latest single, Holograms, in Stockholm, and recorded it in Norwich, UK with producer/engineer David Pye. He also worked with Rapapawn Animation to create a psychedelic lyrics video.

Describing the Hologram‘s meaning, Thomas explains:
“We’re all following some sort of autobiographical narrative, it’s hard to know when it serves as guidance, or when it serves as a hindrance. My narrative began some decades back, and I’m not sure I’d recognise the me who wrote the first chapters. ‘Holograms’ puts down that narrative for a moment.”

Thomas sings in falsetto with an approach that emphasizes tone and expression rather than enunciation, acting in part as an additional instrument in the blend. His songs sometimes build on a dark looping guitar melody, or a warped synth pad that illicit strong emotion or mood. He creates drum patterns that are somewhat minimal as to not fill the space.

Top down, give it an overhaul
Prevent entering rigmarole
Anti-repeat on repeat

Vilde – Holograms (BandCamp)

In Holograms, he follows two minimalist singles, Phantom Mantra and Hazel, by creating a song with luscious pads and tape warped analog notes. The beat is full and emphasized with percussive muted guitar strumming and a synth melody. As hinted in the explanation, Holograms is about the interruption of his “autobiographical narrative,” a self-awareness of the personal changes he has experienced. The production of this song has more moving parts than the previous two singles.

Vilde is wandering soul, having lived in Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Melbourne, Aarhus, and Norwich since he began writing music in 2016. This restlessness is heard in his songs, drawing on a sense of longing. He’s consistent in creating songs that move us, and we cannot wait to hear the full EP.

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