Lev Snowe mixes dream pop elements of chorus-laden guitars with psych-pop and a propensity of washed-out sounds. Snowe is another reason to believe that Canadians are leading the dream pop movement. You’ll find him in his home studio in Winnipeg, creating danceable songs that are easy to drive to or crank on the speakers while your friends are over.

Someday Soon is the title track from his recent January release. You’ll find fuzzed-out guitars, electronic beats mixed with saturated drums, ambient synths filling the background, and vocals that act as texture. Snowe designs music that is crafted to create a psychedelic vibe.

Lev Snowe shared on Bandcamp about this song, “It was the summer of 2018, and as I had localized the mad freedom to live and experience, I in turn took a look through my past writing and inspired a creation to abolish all old insecurities. ‘Someday Soon’ is meant to cut to the chase—as if saying ‘forget where you’ve been, you are done with it'”.

Puddlegum is thrilled to share Someday Soon as our seventh Puddlegum.tape installment. Please be sure to support this artist, whether it’s paying what you want for his EP, sharing his music, or hitting his tour this summer.