Tapes: Niall Summerton – ‘All That I Know Is I Don’t Know’

by | May 26, 2020 | Singles, Tapes

When a song comes to you, sometimes it is necessary to drop everything and track it. That’s how All That I Know Is I Don’t Know came to Niall Summerton. This Harrogate, England artist was surprised when the song visited him. Niall tracked everything within a week, and released the song two weeks later. All That I Know Is I Don’t Know feels fresh, with its inviting indie folk sounds.

A jangly electric characterized by its tremolo effect, an effect you also hear on vocals (particularly the doubled harmonies), lays behind the doubled acoustics. Single mic’ed drums sit centered, surrounded by the multiple keys and guitar layers. Niall’s song feels instinctual and almost effortless.

Puddlegum is excited to share All That I Know Is I Don’t Know as our fifth Puddlegum.tapes installment. Open the windows, feel the summer breeze, and take this gem in.

You can find All That I Know Is I Don’t Know on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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