Secret Attraction is working on their next full-length due out later this year. They just released demos of three songs, Summer Demos EP, as a taste of what to expect. We’re happy to share a sample of Secret Attraction’s True demo as our second installment of Puddlegum.tapes

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Secret Attraction’s Summer Demos is their sixth EP since they started releasing music four years ago. Their forthcoming full-length will be their third LP, and will be released by Stratford CT record label (based out of Del Mar, California).

Their songs are dreamy lo-fi pop, and True’s reverb-drenched sound makes for the perfect cassette jam. The chorus-thick guitar begs you to play this minute-long song over and over. This tape makes for the perfect tease.

You can find True Demo on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Enjoy the tape!