It’s Friday, and here are a few releases to check out. Song or album titles are linked to Spotify. Listen to these artists on Puddlegum: Discovery playlist. If there’s an artist we’re missing that you think should be on this list, please give me a shoutout on Instagram at I will be adding to this list.

Augustine – ‘Weeks Above the Earth LP
Beauty Queen – ‘Real Life’ EP
Beharie – ‘Love Me’ single
Cassette – ‘Fumble (Kerry)’ single
EVNTYD – ‘Kingdom Gone’ single
Eyeclimber – ‘Porcelain’ single
The Forms – ‘All Souls Day’ single
Hotel Pools, Decisive Koala – ‘Midnight’ single
Matilde Davoli – ‘Home’ LP
Munya – Voyage to Mars’ LP
Processions – ‘Acquiesce’ single
She Her Her Hers – After a Moment’ single
TESSEL – ‘Family Time’ EP
Valley Palace – ‘Patch’ single
Vansire – ‘Just the Right Song’ single

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