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Updated weekly (songs remain for two weeks). Dream pop, shoegaze, bedroom pop, synthwave, acoustic pop, and whatever we dig.
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We’re reintroducing the Puddlegum Mixtape (something we’ve had in the past). We’ll add songs every week, mostly new within the past four weeks. Songs will remain for two weeks before being removed, so save what you enjoy before they disappear. Playlists on Apple Music and Spotify are the same, with the exception when an artist is not available on one of the services.


Puddlegum Mixtape 005

This mixtape has a lot of surf, dream pop, and indie vibes. Copy this tape and share it with your friends! Grab the tape on Spotify and Apple.

The second half is Mixtape 004.

Puddlegum Mixtape 005 Tracklist

29 tracks, 1 hour 26 minutes

  1. Valley Palace – Back Porch
  2. Private Agenda – Presence
  3. Homephone – Night Walk
  4. Royel Otis – Going Kokomo
  5. Barrie – Ghost World
  6. Buck Raines – Rocks
  7. Summer Salt – Supermoon
  8. Hand Habits – Something Wrong
  9. Art School Girlfriend – A Place To Lie
  10. Pebbl & Pocket Sun – Space Travel
  11. COOL HEAT- Forget
  12. Television Blonde – Daisy (Midi Memory Remix)
  13. Grand Eugène – Danser
  14. Loome, Oktae & Amethysts – Talking To Strangers (remix)
  15. Small Black- Watchers
  16. High Sunn – Fall Leaves
  17. Daydream Review – Leisure
  18. Bayonne – Words
  19. Tape Tension – With Our Eyes Closed
  20. girlhouse – worth it
  21. Dim Wizard, Jeff Rosens – Ride the Vibe (feat. Superviolet)
  22. Ducks Ltd. – Head On (feat. illuminati hotties)
  23. Buzzy Lee – When Can I
  24. PACKS – Not the Same
  25. Paper Lady – Five of Swords
  26. Emmett Kai – Hoolywood
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Kevin Flick
Kevin Flick

Kevin Flick founded Puddlegum in 1997 and has been engaging in music journalism off and on since. He's also a recording/mixing engineer and loves to help bands work through the creative process. He has coproduced and mixed for artists such as Saeyers, Midi Memory, and Cathedral Bells.

Rumors are that he's a Brighton Hove & Albion FC fan. He's also obsessed with coffee. Kevin resides in the college community of Bloomington, Indiana, where he studied at Indiana University.

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