SALES independently release their first single since 2018, ‘Can’t Be Yours Forever‘, when they released ‘Forever & Ever‘. ‘Can’t Be Yours Forever‘ retains the smooth vibe that their last full-length had.

SALES first formed in 2013 when Jordan Shih and Lauren Morgan were in high school. The Orlando duo began releasing singles that year, and have since released 31 songs in the format of one EP and two LPs (a number of them initially as singles), every song drawing over a million plays on Spotify.

Jordan plays guitar and programs their beats, and Lauren leads on vocals and guitar. The incredible Malcom Martin backs them on drums.

Can’t Be Yours Forever‘ loops multiple elements, with simple guitar melodies playing over the loops. The guitar is reversed at times, and their signature Stryman Blue Sky reverb on the guitar melody. A nice sub-bass fills the low end, a mid-range synth plays in segments, and a brighter synth pad moves around from left to right in the background. Samples of a conversation comes in and out, while Lauren sings, “I can’t be yours forever.”

I’m thrilled SALES is releasing new music again. I suspect we can expect multiple singles leading up to an album, and a tour to soon.

SALES discography

Can’t Be Yours Forever‘ single (2021)
Rainy Day Loop (Parent’s House Remix)‘ single (2019)
Forever & Ever‘ LP (2018)
SALES on AudioTree Live‘ EP (2016)
SALES LP‘ LP (2016)
SALES – EP‘ EP (2014)