New Music: Spissy, 92914, and Angelo De Augustine

by | May 13, 2020 | Singles, Videos, YouTube

Spissy – “In The Evening” (YouTube)

Spissy released their single, In the Evening, across the streaming platforms. In the Evening is a convincing throwback to 1968, and also includes a mono version of the song. It’s so effective that it sounds like Paul McCartney could have written it for the White Album. I realize that Beatles comparisons is thrown around far too often, but this one is spot on. This song is gold, and Ben Lumsdaine‘s production on it is incredible.

The Bloomington band is comprised of Aaron Lowell Denton and Ben Lumsdaine. Aaron is an artist and has designed for My Morning Jacket, Whitney, Leon Bridges and Khruangbin, Tame Impala, The Head and the Heart, and many others. Ben is a producer, and you’ve heard his production and performance on Hoops and Kevin Krauter’s albums.

Spissy links:

92914 – “Koh” (YouTube)

92914 is a South Korean jazz influenced duo, Lee Jun Ki (이준기) and Kwon Ju Pyeong (권주평). Named after the address of their original studio, the band writes jazz and neo soul songs (their instrumentals are so good). They released a four track EP called Home in November, 2019; two songs on the EP, Koh and Someday, have vocals. “You are the sunrise. I’ll be your sunset. You’ll my moonlight. I’ll your sky,” he sings in Koh. The EP was released on POCLANOS, a Korean-indie label. Really, listen to the entire EP.

They recently released an acoustic single and video, Starlight, in February, and last week they announced a vinyl release of Home and Starlight.

92914 links:

Angelo De Augustine – “Santa Barbara” (YouTube)

Angelo De Augustine has a new single and video, Santa Barbara which he self-produced. Sufjan Stevens contributed with vocals, guitar, and engineered the recording. This song and video are so good. Santa Barbara is,  “a prayer of hope and love for those that are listening in their own loneliness” (Bandcamp).

All my life has been a surprise
Faces cast in gold on the fire
Phantoms colloquial and new
Feelings inside floating through you

Angelo De Augustine – “Santa Barbara” (Genius)

Sufjan Stevens also released his 2017 album Swim Inside the Moon through Asthmatic Kitty (whom he continues to release music through). He followed Swim with Tomb, which he recorded with Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett (Bartlett also produced Denison Witmer’s American Foursquare).

Angelo De Augustine links:

Listen to 92914 and Angelo De Augustine on Puddlegum Mixtape: tape five.

(Note: A correction was made in the original post that incorrectly stated that Sufjan produced the new single, as well as Swim Inside the Mood. In actuality, Angelo De Augustine produced both.)

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King Hannah: New single and video ‘All Being Fine’

King Hannah: New single and video ‘All Being Fine’

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Vern Matz releases ‘Tokyo Sounds’ single

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