New Artist: Blissing

Blissing blends bedroom jangle pop with rootsy vocals, vibey instrumentation, warm guitars, and a present vibraphone.
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It can be strange how we come across undiscovered artists. Finding Blissing is no exception. A friend shared his music with me after doing a search to see if the band name Blissing was being used. After hearing his music, my friend shared the artist with me, saying “I think u might dig.”

Blissing is Colin Wheeler‘s moniker, an artist from Denton, Texas (a Dallas suburb). He has three bedroom jangle pop singles out that I’m confident you’ll enjoy. These songs are gems, and if you’re listening to them then you’re one of his first to hear them.

I should learn from where I’ve been
That you can’t slow down
You can let it go, I know

Blissing – When I’m Gone

When I’m Gone blends dreamy synths, a vibraphone that appears in other songs, acoustic guitar, choice electric guitar, and live laidback drums. Colin’s unassuming rootsy vocals have a nice slap back that matches his sound so well. As the song develops, the instrumentation fills out, and a warm tape saturation becomes more present.

Sunbathing Reptile is his latest single. The song blends noodling jangle pop with layers of the vibraphone, picked bass lines, warm electric licks, and a distant organ. Satellite, Colin’s first single, brings in live strings, brighter drums, and the backing vocals of Emma Fox. His music is mastered by Matthew Garber.

I’m excited to hear more from Colin. His music hits the sweet spot in my ear, and I’m glad my friend stumbled onto Blissing’s music.

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