Premiere: UGEN – ‘Death Couldn’t Remind You’

UGEN is premiering his single 'Death Couldn’t Remind You', a swirling psychedelic soundscape that certainly creates a vibe that draws you in.
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UGEN – ‘Death Couldn’t Remind You (YouTube)

By Aaron Gollubier

UGEN is the Birmingham, AL psychedelic/shoegaze bedroom project of Adam Reid. Today he’s premiering his single Death Couldn’t Remind You, a swirling psychedelic soundscape that certainly creates a vibe that draws you in. This track marks the first single off his new record The Larva. Sit down, chill out and drift away into the world of UGEN, you won’t be disappointed.

Adam Reid in the studio (Instagram)

Death Couldn’t Remind You is a heavily textured and reverberating mix of jangly guitars, thunderous drums and synthesizer swirls trudge along like an old horse in the desert sun. Reid’s voice hails a slight southern drawl akin to a Bob Dylan or Marc Bolan but still creates an entrancing bluesy tone of his own.

UGEN says about the single – “Death Couldn’t Remind You is about trying to
rediscover that part in someone you fell in love with from the beginning, after becoming lost in all their disaster.”

Other Recommendations From UGEN: If you dig this track and want to venture into UGEN’s more Shoegaze offerings, we highly recommend his track Lodestar.

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