TOPS – Waiting (YouTube)

TOPS released a single, ‘Waiting‘, as the Montréal band continues a month-long tour across the United States. This is their second 2021 single; ‘Party Again‘ came out in July. David Dean Burkhart was quick to post the song the moment it came out. The band shared this on Instagram about the single:

“Waiting” is another song we wrote last summer in Montreal, with Riley doing his parts all the way down in LA. It’s been one of our favorites to play live so far, and we can’t wait to keep playing it for ya! 


The new song has a downtempo and clean sound, trailing reverb on the vocals, and clean guitar tones. David Carriere floats between rhythm guitar carrying the song, and sprinkling lead guitar melodies throughout. Jane Penny‘s vocals are delicate and perfectly performed. Marta Cikojevic‘s synth tones are subtle, and Riley Fleck‘s drums are simple and selective.