Puddlegum Mixtape: tape fourteen

Puddlegum Mixtape: Tape Fourteen - 41 dream pop, shoegaze, and bedroom pop songs, spanning 144 minutes.
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The new Puddlegum Mixtape is out! 42 songs, spanning 147 minutes.

Puddlegum Mixtape: tape fourteen

Brother. – EZ
Caveman – Helpless
Starrgazy – Flying
Blue Tomorrows – Violet Shine
TESSEL, Amber Arcades – Cinema
Hause Plants – Summer Salt
flu flu – Mi Apotema Personal
Major Murphy – In The Meantime
NewDad – Slowly
Remington super 60 – Talk with You
Beach Vacation – Lost In Sight
Blue Canopy – Motovun
Dad Bod – The Drifter
Stray Fossa – Orange Days
Mike Martinez – It’s Alright
Omi Gelacio – Tell Me
Kekko – Past Lives
Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs
Jeff Draco, Skate Stance – Just to Make You Happy
Trunky Juno – Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes
Echo Frame – Belladonna
pecq – Stranger
L’Imperatrice – Tombe pour la scene
Japanese Breakfast – Be Sweet
Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water
Small Black – Driftwood Fire
Velvet Vision – Springtime Buzz
Icarus Phoenix, Drew Danburry – Cassie Knows, or How A Shy Person Says I Love You
Sam Valdez – Palms Casino
Hydromag – What We Left Behind
Jaguar Sun, Jesse Maranger – Autumn Fire
Lightning Bug – The Right Thing Is Hard To Do
Fog Lake – Catacombs
Steve Stout – The Hitching Post
vern matz – Funny Water
Henry Nowhere – No Place To Be
Crumb – Balloon
Cannons – Bad Dream
Ferdous – Starlight
Beachy Head – Destroy Us
Kandle – Misty Morning

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