New Music: Mini Trees, Vilde, Headclouds, Jonah Yano, Dive Index

New music from Mini Trees, Vilde, Headclouds, Jonah Yano, Dive Index, and Spirit Goth's Springtime Comp (Cassette Club).
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I come across new singles, albums, and videos every day, and while I’m writing involving articles or engaging in interviews, I try to keep track of new music that standout to me (so I can share it with you somehow). Here are five artists, and a cassette compilation I think you’ll enjoy.

You can listen/watch all of these songs on the YouTube and Spotify playlists. This is a taste of our next Puddlegum Mixtape (out tomorrow).

Mini TreesWant Me To Stay

Mini Trees – Want Me To Stay (YouTube)

Los Angelas artist Lexi Vega records under the moniker of Mini Trees, and I must say that there’s a lot to love about her music. Japanese House styled vocals running through a vocoder in select places, drums that are really tight (listen to that snare!), synths that have the perfect voice. This is her second single from her sophomore EP. She shared with Puddlegum that the EP is coming out on May 29! (You’ll hear more about Mini Trees on Puddlegum soon.) Also, enjoy her music video below.

Mini Trees – Slip Away (YouTube)

Vilde – Absentee (YouTube)

We recently wrote about British/Australian/Swedish artist Vilde‘s Grace music video. Yesterday, Thomas Savage released another single from his forthcoming album, Atopia. While his previous single was spoken word, his vocals on Absentee have a hint of Thom Yorke. This song is produced and mixed very well (he self-produced and mixed most of the song). Seriously, is it summer yet? Because we can’t wait for his album.

HeadcloudsI Do Too
Headclouds – I Do Too (YouTube)

Headclouds is based out of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and they have such a nice lo-fi bedroom pop sound. As you listen, you can picture them performing as a band playing in a small venue with the lights down. I Do Too features Jayne of melostme. Headclouds is a band to support on Bandcamp. Two of the members, Jonny and Caius, are both out of work, due to COVID-19, and the sales will directly help them.

Jonah YanoDelicate (Official Video)

Jonah Yano – Delicate (YouTube)

Toronto artist Jonah Yano released this music video for Delicate, his second single. He produced the video for this song, which will be on his Souvenir LP, coming out June 19. Jonah first began recording music on his phone, and eventually shared his music online. The local music community responded strongly, and he has since been writing obsessively (source: Bandcamp bio).

Dive IndexWindow to Window (feat. Natalie Walker)

Dive Index – Window to Window (YouTube)

Dive Index is a collaborative project by electronic composer Will Thomas, with Natalie Walker and Merz sharing vocals (and writing lyrics). Window to Window is from the forthcoming album, Waving at Airplanes (to be released May 29). Natalie has rich expressive vocals, reminiscent of Elena Tonra of Daughter (not to be confused with Natalie’s trip-hop Daughter Darling collective). Her vocals rest on minimalistic electronic beats with modular synth sounds, reminding me of Vancouver Sleep Clinic. She grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, but now is an actress in Australia. I haven’t worked my way through the entire album (I will), but I really like what I’ve heard so far!

Spirit Goth‘s Springtime Comp (Cassette Club)

S P R I N G T I M E Comp

Cassette label Spirit Goth has a cassette tape subscription, Cassette Club, you might be interested in. For $7 per month, you’ll join their club and receive a cassette every month by lo-fi, bedroom pop, dreampop artists. “Packages come w/ a new tape, small gift, & d-codes when possible.” May’s cassette is their Springtime Comp (join by May 15 to get this month’s cassette). Cassette Club cassettes have included artists such as CASTLEBEAT, Ruby Haunt, and VEDA.

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