Alex Siegel releases full-length, Courage

Alex Siegel releases a full-length called Courage, a ten-track bedroom pop album that sounds like a cohesive whole.
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Alex Siegel, a bedroom pop artist from Santa Monica, California, released a full-length today, called ‘Courage‘. This is a ten-track album that draws you in from start to finish; the songs are a cohesive whole. He shared, “Releasing music is such a surreal feeling, I’ll probably never get used to the nerves and the excitement and relief of letting go. These songs belong to you now.”

Alex Siegel – ‘Bicycle‘ (YouTube)

In ‘Courage‘, Alex interweaves clean layers of guitar, prominent bass grooves, strong beats, and synths that hit just right. He uses keys that have an 8-bit tone, with slight reverb blending them in. Siegel adds elements instinctually, always fitting well with the song. His vocal tone compliments the characteristics heard in the layers.

Alex is transparent about his desires for his music:

“I hope my music can be a refuge, somewhere to feel safe and calm.. a reflection of the ocean I feel inside, something so vast and beautiful that I could never in a million years capture it and freeze it in time, but maybe over a lifetime the music can be like a tapestry, a map of that magical place.”

Alex Siegel (Instagram)
Alex Siegel (Instagram)

Siegel has been releasing singles and EPs since he began in 2018, releasing twenty-four singles and two EPs. Each release has been consistent in production and songwriting quality, exploring different synth voices, and alternating between bass guitar and synth bass. Yet, as you listen to the thirty plus songs he has released in the past four years, you’ll notice his unique focus.

He wrote on Instagram about the support he found from friends and family, expressing, “May we always remind each other of who we really are and what we are capable of.” It was courage that the album brought out courage, hence the title. In a handwritten note, he writes from the heart:

“I put my whole heart into this record. I wrote, produced, and mixed these ten songs mostly at home, by myself. Maybe I worked on it too hard, or not hard enough… or maybe just right. I’m proud of this work, and how it helped me find the courage to carry on, and continue sharing with you all.”

Alex Siegel (Instagram)
A note from Alex Siegel (Instagram)

We would call this a debut LP, but Alex originally released a full-length in 2013. He has since taken the album down, returning to music at 28, in 2018. The thoughtfulness of his songs has been evident.

Thank you, Alex, for trusting us with these songs.

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