Cathedral Bells released I Don’t Care Anymore, their first single since releasing their Ether LP earlier this year. Matt Messore and band wrote and recorded this song, and I (Kevin Flick of Puddlegum.Studio) had the pleasure of mixing and mastering the track. Spirit Goth released the single today as part of their Singles series.

The band will be hitting the road in November to tour the US. This is a monumental moment for Cathedral Bells; they were beginning to tour when the Pandemic shut everything down in 2020. Since then, they’ve released two full-lengths, Velvet Spirit (in 2020), Ether (in 2021), and now this I Don’t Care Anymore single.

Matt Messore also released two singles, No Return and Anywhere, Anytime, as a new side-project called Midi Memory (which I have and continue to mix for). Yet, Matt and his band have not been able to support these releases until now. In all, Cathedral Bells have had nineteen tracks, plus the two Midi Memory singles (more are coming soon). Four of these songs have had over 100,000 streams, and one is north of a million. Needless to say, they’re ready to play these songs. Catch them on tour in the United States in November and December with Valley Palace!

Considering that I mixed these songs, it’s difficult to look at the track objectively. If there’s interest, I might discuss my mixing techniques, but that’s for another article. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this Cathedral Bells single! This band is amazing to work with.

Midi Memory – No Return (SoundCloud)