Foliage released a new jangle pop single Start a Fire that features Andrew Younker. The two previously released a split EP in 2018 called Split. Foliage, the project of Manuel Joseph Walker, first began in 2017 when Manuel was a teenager; he has since released five full-lengths, plus an album of demos, two EPs, fifteen singles, and has amassed several millions streams on Spotify.

Start A Fire mimics the conversation artists have when talking about recording. The desire to record a song and excitement about a track coming together is echoed in the song. “Hey, I really think I nailed down a crazy idea. Let’s record it. I wanna get recording.”

The instrumentation is a blend of clean electric guitar, gentle use of synth that adds color and depth, an unassuming bass line, bendy electric guitars picking a melody, and a drum loop that includes percussive hand drums.

Why, I’m telling you why
Maybe we can find
New musical roots

Play that again, I like your style
Burning up my heart

Foliage – Start a Fire, feat. Andrew Younker (BandCamp)

A resident of San Bernardino, California, Manuel is currently studying music at a college. We can imagine the yearning he has experienced to record music again. If this is true, it’s portrayed nicely in this single.