New Singles: Hause Plants, Benedikt, Henry Nowhere

by | Feb 8, 2021 | BandCamp, News, Singles, SoundCloud

Hause Plants – Visual Diaries

BIRTHDIY artists Hause Plants released a single from their upcoming EP. The single is called Visual Diaries, and has an addictive shoegazey jangle pop sound. Hailing from Portugal, Hause Plants is a bedroom project by Guilherme Machado Correia. They are accurately self-described as, “combining the urgency and vitality of 80’s post-punk with the ethereal landscapes of dream pop and shoegaze” (source). Hause Plants released two reverb-drenched dream pop singles in 2020.

stuck inside
for so long
will you know my name?

Hause Plants – Visual Diaries (BandCamp)

Benedikt – Head on a Spike

Norwegian band Benedikt has released a new folk single, Head on a Spike, through Koke Plate. This single follows their latest single, My Killer, a beautiful song that features Tuvaband. Hans Olav of Benedikt channels Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell in delicate and smooth vocal approach and classical guitar picking. Hans, nine-piece band’s central figure, describes Head on a Spike as, “a tender song about growing up and falling apart” (source).

(Read our interview with Hans about their previous single, My Killer.)

Benedikt – Head on a Spike (SoundCloud)

Henry Nowhere – Slippin’

Henry Nowhere released the first single from his next EP; the single is titled Slippin’. and this one mixes so many nice elements: whispery vocals, slide guitar, tape warped instrumentation, and a forward beat. The song fits well with his Think About Me EP that he released near the end of 2020. Henry Nowhere has two EPs coming out soon that he’s releasing independently. If you haven’t heard his music, you should.

P.S. – Check out his time-lapse videos of him painting, set to his singles (on Tik Tok and Instagram).

Henry Nowhere – Slippin’ (SoundCloud)



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Barrie releases ‘Dig’ single

Barrie released ‘Dig’, her first single since being featured on ford.’s 4:38am track. ‘Dig’ is fairly stripped back and percussive.

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