Dream pop band RALPH TV released a new indie pop single, 4 U. This is the first single that this Brighton quartet has released since their March 2020 Cabin Fever Dreams LP. The band has released all of their music through the French label Nice Guys.

4 U was a collaborate production involving the entire band. The single mixes funk elements, heard in the bass lines, with dreamy synth chords that wash into the mix. Drums are in a large room, and the guitars have a nice reverb on them. The production is much cleaner and the elements are more distinct; Will Osborne stated they, “consciously tried to make this one sound a bit more polished.”

Will, vocalist and bass player, describes 4 U:
“This tracks is one where we’ve tried to encompass all of our elements into one. The funky side and the dreamy side working in tandem with each other.”

The single is about the give and take of love and the, “mundane repetition of life during the pandemic and the longing for a return to normality,” according to their guitarist Ben Brown. “It also has the chorus of a love song. Love is always chaotic, it’s always there to keep me grounded.”